Roo, the Australian kangaroo

After the koala, please welcome the kangaroo in Miyuki beads! It was obvious that I had to make a kangaroo for my Australia-inspired series.

I finally received my brownish Miyuki beads so I could test this pattern created a few weeks ago. What do you think? The ears are a bit tricky to make but you just need to go forth and back with your thread and needle to strengthen them.  I was afraid it would not look like a kangaroo, but at the end, it worked out quite ok. Special thanks to my friend Likeabobo for her support 🙂


Here is the pattern for personal use only. Feel free to show me yours on Instagram with the hashtag #motifelisapearls

Roo pattern

Length: 3.5cm, width: 3cm. Start where the arrow is. Bead the upper part, then bead the bottom part (first the legs, then the tail, or the other way around).

Colours used:

  • Body: DB2142 (Opaque Cognac)
  • Inner part: DB1460 (Opal Cinammon)
  • Contouring: DB150 (S/L Brown)
  • Arm and leg’ ends: DB321 (Opaque Chocolate Brown)
  • Eyes & Nose: DB0010 (Black)



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