Billy, the Australian platypus

My collection of Australian animals (see the koala and the kangaroo) is getting bigger! Here is my version of a platypus in Miyuki beads.


Here is the pattern for personal use only. Feel free to show me yours on Instagram with the hashtag #motifelisapearls

pattern platypus

Length: 8cm, width: 2.5cm. Start where the arrow is. Bead the upper body part + tail, then bead the bottom body part. I recommend you to keep the paws for the end as they are a bit tricky to make. Feel free to simplify them though.

Colours used:

  • Body: DB734 (Opaque Chocolate Brown)
  • Bill and paws: DB0010 (Black) and DB001 (Gunmetal)
  • Bottom: DB181 (Silver Lined Light Bronze)
  • Eye: DB0010 (Black) and DB150 (Silver Lined Bronze)

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