The Australian Aboriginal Flag

Let’s continue with Australia-inspired brick stitch creations with the Australian Aboriginal Flag, first used in 1971, but adopted in 1995 only as a Flag of Australia (not to be mixed up with the national one).



The colours have the following meaning (source: Ausflag):

  • Black represents the Aboriginal people
  • Red represents the earth and their spiritual relationship to the land
  • Yellow represents the sun, the giver of life.

For the background drawing of the cover picture, I was inspired by Aboriginal art. I am not sure it looks like it, but I gave it a try XD

Here is the pattern for personal use only. Feel free to show me yours on Instagram with the hashtag #motifelisapearls

Australian Aboriginal Flag patternLength: 2.5cm, width: 4cm. Start either from the upper part of the bottom part.

Colours used:

  • Upper part: DB0010 (Black)
  • Bottom part: DB0753 (Matte Opaque Red)
  • Circle: DB2102 (Duracoat Opaque Banana)

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