The national flag of Australia

After the Australian Aboriginal Flag, here is the flag of Australia in Miyuki beads. It is made of a Blue Ensign, a Union Jack, a Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross constellation. Due to all its components, it is quite a big piece! Check it out 🙂

oz flag 1

I had to simplify some of the components, especially the stars, because of the constraints of the peyote grid.

Here is the pattern for personal use only. Feel free to show me yours on Instagram with the hashtag #motifelisapearls

Oz flag patternHeight: 4cm, width: 5.7cm. I started my creation where the arrow is but since it is a rectangular design, feel free to start either from the left or the right side.

Colours used:

  • DB726 (Opaque Cobalt)
  • DB0200 (Opaque White)
  • DB0753 (Matte Opaque Red)

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