Vegemite brick stitch for Vegemite day!

June 16 is Vegemite Day! To celebrate this Australian invention here is my take of this famous spread in Miyuki beads, as part of my Australian collection. Since mini is trendy, I also made a tiny version of the Vegemite.

Vegemite is the “Australian salty Nutella”, it is a healthy spread made of yeast. Aussies just crave for it, they usually spread it on a toast with butter or avocado. I personally like the avocado + Vegemite combination. If you are looking for a gift “Made in Australia”, this is the perfect one. However, it is an acquired taste so not all palates will be used to it, but it is very funny to witness the reaction of people trying it for the first time XD

Here is the pattern for personal use only. Feel free to show me yours on Instagram with the hashtag #motifelisapearls.

Vegemite patterns

Big version: height: 3.2cm, width: 2.5 cm.
Mini version: height: 2cm, width: 1.2cm.

Start where the arrow is, then continue on either side.

Colours used:

  • DB734 (Opaque Chocolate Brown)
  • DB0751 (Mat Opaque Yellow)
  • DB200 (White)
  • DB0753 (Mat Opaque Red)

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