Sydney Opera in Miyuki beads

The Sydney Opera is an iconic building known all over the world. When you think of Sydney or even Australia, this architecture jewel comes to your mind. Here is my interpretation in Miyuki beads, as part of my Australian collectionContinue reading Sydney Opera in Miyuki beads


Vegemite brick stitch for Vegemite day!

June 16 is Vegemite Day! To celebrate this Australian invention here is my take of this famous spread in Miyuki beads, as part of my Australian collection. Since mini is trendy, I also made a tiny version of the Vegemite.

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Map of Australia in Miyuki beads

For my collection of brick stitch creations inspired by Australia, I had to make one map of Australia! I added a red bead for Sydney, where I live 🙂 I love the result with those colours, simple yet sophisticated. Continue reading Map of Australia in Miyuki beads

The national flag of Australia

After the Australian Aboriginal Flag, here is the flag of Australia in Miyuki beads. It is made of a Blue Ensign, a Union Jack, a Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross constellation. Due to all its components, it is quite a big piece! Check it out 🙂

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Hey mate, how’re you doing?

In Australia, one of the most famous greetings to friends is “Hey mate”. You will hear it constantly Down Under.

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The Australian Aboriginal Flag

Let’s continue with Australia-inspired brick stitch creations with the Australian Aboriginal Flag, first used in 1971, but adopted in 1995 only as a Flag of Australia (not to be mixed up with the national one).

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Billy, the Australian platypus

My collection of Australian animals (see the koala and the kangaroo) is getting bigger! Here is my version of a platypus in Miyuki beads.

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