Sleeping pear by Pauline_Eline

Spring is coming in the northern hemisphere (ok, here in Oz, winter is coming actually) so here is a cute little pear blooming peacefully on a tree with its sister. I made a brooch out of it for my friend 🙂 The design is by pauline_eline.

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Ray, the manta ray

I have listed many sea creatures on my to-do list of brick stitch creations in Miyuki beads, including a manta ray. Since I have been scuba diving, the manta ray is one of the most impressive sea creatures I have ever seen. French beaders Coeur Citron and Lili Azalée are organising a contest in partnership with Perlesandco, the theme is the “ocean”, so here is my entry.

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Hippie fox by Mamzellelulu

I have a very long list of brick stitch creations made by awesome DIY people to do. Here is another one, a fox wearing a floral crown. I converted it into a brooch and offered it to my friend who loves foxes.

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Billy, the Australian platypus

My collection of Australian animals (see the koala and the kangaroo) is getting bigger! Here is my version of a platypus in Miyuki beads.

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Pink lotus flower by Lili Azalée

I love lotus flowers, they are just magnificent, so when I found this brick stitch pattern from Lili Azalée, I had to do it.

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Roo, the Australian kangaroo

After the koala, please welcome the kangaroo in Miyuki beads! It was obvious that I had to make a kangaroo for my Australia-inspired series.

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Cute blue whale

When browsing on Pinterest, I came across this little blue whale, isn’t it absolutely cute? I love sealife, this probably won’t be the last sea animal you will see there!

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