Surfing on the wave

Australia is the land of surf, so I naturally came up with the pattern of a surfboard! I haven’t tried surf yet, but I would like to, just need to find the right time (and train my arms, as you need quite some endurance to paddle).

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Colourful tepee by Rose Moustache

Rose Moustache is one of the most famous Miyuki pearls beader in France. One of her most popular patterns is this tepee.

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Koala on a eucalyptus tree

My first brick stitch pattern: a koala eating a eucalyptus leaf on a eucalyptus tree.

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Stitch the knots

For my first blog article, let me show you the first brick stitch project I made. I discovered brick stitch last year thanks to my schoolmate Like a Bobo and since then, I always wanted to try.

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